NigeriaBuy offers top-notch export services, premium shortlet apartments, and real estate opportunities in Nigeria.

NigeriaBuy is an online marketplace that offers exports of locally sourced items listed on the approved exports list of the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We also offer items sourced from abroad directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

RC: 2434187


We transport all ordered products via our third party overseas logistics and delivery partners and we have documented a detailed list of all countries we export to. If your country is not listed, kindly reach out to resolve.

Air Freight takes between 3 – 5days to arrive export destination while Shipping takes 4 – 6weeks.


Our prices are very affordable and competitive in the market. Cost of shipment or air freight are seperate from cost of the products. There are also VAT and insurance costs to be charged per shipment.

For products listed in the marketplace, total accumulated costs of product, shipment cost, VAT and insurance are displayed at checkout.


The items displayed in the market place are the products which you can order expressly and receive within 3 – 7Days after your payment is confirmed. 

For any product not listed in the market place, you can reach out to us privately to request for special export orders.